Divorce: How much will it cost?

There is no cost for the initial consult.

When you visit Compton and Smith PA we will discuss a series of legal options available to you.  Depending on how involved you want our firm in the process will determine the range of cost.  Typically, we require a small retainer to start working on your case.  You can at any time discontinue our services and we will stop working on your case.

When is it too late to hire a lawyer?

The answer is never.

Even if you’ve made a royal mess of things hiring a lawyer can still be a good option.  We may not be able to get you out of a bad situation but we can hopefully help keep it from getting worse and give you straight answers on what you are potentially facing.

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Divorce Lawyer Wesley Chapel

If you are looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Wesley Chapel, you should explore your options and take advantage of our free consult. The Compton and Smith Lawyers have been working in Wesley Chapel for over ten years.

Whether you are trying to discretely plan your divorce or have already been served. Our high trained Lawyers are here to help.

Yes. Our hope is, even if you don’t hire us right away, you will be armed with the necessary knowledge to avoid costly mistakes. Mistakes that could prove hard to overcome if you decide to retain our Family Law firm in the future or any law firm for that manner.
We can help with this. Like any big decision we recommend you weigh your options but if you decide you just want help with the paperwork we can do that as well.
That depends on how comfortable you are with the law and your particular circumstance. Some people are able to navigate their divorce without lawyers. Come visit with us and we’ll layout the likely outcomes for your particular situation.
“I’ve used Todd Smith for almost four years now. I can honestly say the man cares about my case. I’ve had the rare opportunity of having to deal with just about everything possible in a divorce. In four years we’ve covered and continue to cover the full spectrum of problems in a divorce and at every step of the way Todd has been fighting along side me. Divorce isn’t fun, I highly recommend not going through it if at all possible, but if that’s not an option a good lawyer makes all the difference.”

Full Service Law Practice in Wesley Chapel

Compton and Smith PA is a full service law practice that handles a diverse spectrum of legal matters for its clients. The attorneys and staff are committed to providing personal and professional legal services and advice to each client no matter how large or small their issue may be.

Our office handles clients that need legal representation and advice for Family, Criminal, Employment, Personal Injury and Civil Litigation Law matters.

The attorneys and staff of Compton and Smith PA live and work in the Wesley Chapel area and embrace the opportunity to provide their fellow residents of East Pasco and New Tampa with legal services.

Call our office at 813-994-2026 to speak with a legal representative or schedule an in-office meeting as time is extremely important when dealing with legal issues.

Full Service

Compton and Smith PA is here to serve you with all Civil Litigation, Criminal, Employment, Family and Personal Injury Cases.

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Personal Touch

Whether it’s a Divorce or a simple question. Compton and Smith PA is committed to your best interests and bringing a personal touch to often difficult circumstances.

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Unlike some large firms we are always a phone call away.  We are local to Wesley Chapel and our door is open.

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